MBA Aviation

The programme

MBA Aviation is a full time 2 years (4 semesters) course. The course utilizes Industry and Institution based synergy with our competency in the field of Aviation. The students are exposed and given familiarization with the functioning of the commercial aspects and non-core technical aspects of Aviation. They will learn the general management techniques which ensure quality, safety, efficiency, profits and a wonderful air travel experience for the end users. As a manager in the specialist Aviation field, they will understand the airlines and airport management, airline operation and scheduling. They will also be familiar with the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Govt. of India, - Civil Aviation Requirements, Rules and Regulations, Customs procedures, etc.

Hindustan Aviation Academy is an IATA Authorised Training Centre as well.


The two-year Masters Degree MBA (Aviation) is offered with the following objectives:

  • To help students learn the fundamentals of aviation science, a higher level of management and its applications in the aviation sector. It also aims to develop student’s interest in aviation and related fields.
  • To encourage students to undertake project work related to their field of specialisation during the course which will help the student to think beyond the confines of the classroom.
  • To develop managers with interdisciplinary knowledge on Aviation and Management
  • To prepare students to take the responsibility of full line of human resource and planning functions of an aviation establishment.
  • To develop higher level managers for solving real-time aviation problems and implementing immediate solutions with a focus on safety, quality, competency and holistic approach.
  • To help in the overall growth of the students by training them in attitude, social behaviour, decision making, goal setting, focusing and working towards realising the goal.
Resource and Methodology

The course curriculum is framed in such a way that the students are taught theory in a simple and systematic way and are given ‘hands on’ training on management of Aviation establishment through a practical approach. The course is conducted by qualified and experienced faculty. They mentor, coach and empower students to achieve academic success. The teaching is supplemented by audio-visual aids for students to understand the complexities of operations and support systems. The course curriculum is embedded with industrial visits to Airlines and aeronautical organisations that help broaden student’s understanding of a variety of functions and all aspects of airlines operation scheduling and airport management. The course content caters to the need of the aviation industry and bridges the gap between the institution and industry.

Students are encouraged to take part in classroom presentations, seminars and workshops to enhance their creativity, knowledge, communication skills and learning. Assignments, periodical tests and exams ensure effective learning experiences for the students. Regular student feedbacks on teaching are followed up with remedial teaching, arranging workshops, seminars and guest lecturers to keep pace with recent developments in the aviation industry. Holistic development, intellectual nourishment, quality education, emotional stability, ability to face the challenges in a competitive world must be given to students through curricular, co-curricular, extra-curricular and sports activities through a well-planned calendar of events which are to be executed meticulously.

Faculty Members

The faculty members in charge of the course have been carefully selected based on their industry experience and academic excellence. They are from elite aviation companies such as Emirates, Qatar Airways, Jet Airways, Air India, IATA approved and authorised Instructors and some of them are visiting faculty members. Aviation is a subject which cannot be taught with just a book. The faculty members impart real-time industrial experience to the students keeping in line with the prescribed syllabus by the University.

Career Prospects for MBA (Aviation) Graduates

The Civil Aviation industry provides enormous employment opportunities in India and abroad. From pilots to cabin crew, ground support staffs to maintenance specialists the employment opportunities have more than doubled in recent years in the aviation sector. The rapid modernization of airports into state-of-the-art has also translated into the creation of additional opportunities.

  • Line Maintenance Management
  • Base Maintenance Management
  • Logistics Management
  • Aircraft Operation Management
  • Planning
  • Ground Equipment Management
  • Airport Services Management; Transportation, Hospitality, Air Cargo (Logistics) & Baggage Handling, Fuel Supply Management & Quality Control, Estate Management and Air Field Security.
  • Corporate Fleet Management; Purchase, Leases, Conversions and Charters.
  • Airport Ramp Services
  • Ground Handling Operations
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Aviation Finance
  • Scheduling
  • Global Distribution Systems

With the number of passenger aircraft expected to double in the next five years and with the installation of improved infrastructure at all the major airports, Higher level Aviation Management graduates are expected to be in good demand in the near future in India and abroad.


To be eligible for admission to the course, candidates should have a graduation certificate in any branch and be fluent in English.


Please contact the Academy office directly for information on Fees Approx, i.e., Full 2 years course (4 semesters), exclusive of Hostel & Food, IATA & SAP.

  If you have any further doubts, please feel free to contact our admission desk in-charge Mr P M Paul (+91) 8971404357 and Mr Benil Benjamin (+91) 9740037853 via Whatsapp 

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